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House Visit: At Karla Larson's Morning Sanctuary

Karla invites us into her home to showcase her new walk in morning sanctuary

When Karla envisioned her dream home she always pictured a beautiful walk in closet. Not only to store her belongings but also to be a sanctuary for her to just find peace throughout a hectic day.

What Karla Wanted...

Karla, being a working mother of two, came to us wanting a luxurious closet area where she could not only put away all her shoes and handbags, but also an area where she could sit and gather her thoughts for the day. A place to get ready in peace.

"Whenever I envisioned my dream closet, I always pictured a glamourous walk in where I could just get away from reality"

What we delivered...

We took into consideration how Karla wanted tons of storage for not only her clothes, but her shoes and handbags as well. We added tons of shelving and small cubbies. We also added warm lighting to give the closet a luxurious effect.

"Closet Design Group far surpassed my expectations of what I wanted in a closet. I couldn't be more happy"

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