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Sustainable Living: Materials that Help Our Lives and the Planet

We use 100% recycled and recovered wood materials in all of our product lines.

Is it possible to design a beautiful closet that meets all of your need and does not hurt your wallet OR the environment? The answer is YES!

You can easily create a luxurious closet while still used earth-friendly materials. Here is a list of some Eco-friendly materials used in closet designing.

Formaldehyde-Free Wood

Formaldehyde is a common allergen found in a lot of wood products. Many products that contain formaldehyde can release the harmful chemical into the air.

High exposure to Formaldehyde can cause an increased risk of developing some types of cancers. To decrease the chance of omitting these harmful chemicals into your home you can chose a formaldehyde free closet system.

Reclaimed Wood Products

Save more trees from being cut down by using recycled materials that already comes from ALREADY milled wood. #reclycledmaterials

Depending on the history of the recycled wood, some materials are more dense and can give a very distinguished and luxurious look.

Low Voltage Lighting

Many people chose to put lights within their closets to add a high end touch, but some lights are NOT energy efficient and can actually be bad for the environment.

LED lighting is not only better for the environment but also better for YOUR wallet!

At Closet Design Group we strive to provide our customers with amazing storage systems made from sustainable and green products!

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