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You don't have to compromise the style of your home to accommodate needs for storage. With our 132" x 96" concealed hardware closet system in dark walnut, you can add well-thought out, high quality storage with a simple design. The frosted glass drawer fronts add to that modern appeal while the adjustable partitions allow customized looks and added versatility.

132" Concealed Hardware Closet System

SKU: CFMF132x96x16
    • This unit as pictured fits a 132” closet area. The depth of the unit is 16”.
    • 1st Section: 2- 30” shelves and 1 hanging rod.
    • 2nd Section: 2- 30” shelves, 1 hanging rod and 3- 8” deep drawers.
    • 3rd Section: 5-30” shelves.
    • 4th Section 2-30” shelves, 2 hanging rods.
  • We use 3/4" thick furniture grade TFL panels to construct our products. This high-quality material is kiln dried to prevent warping and ensure a smooth flat surface. TFL has excellent moisture resistance, which prevents cracking or buckling during installation, and is naturally sound resistant.

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