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A closet is more than a place to store clothing and accessories. In the right setting it can be a luxurious retreat, a cool hideaway or a gracious living space. The custom-built Oak 132″ closet system is just that - another great room in your home. Made of solid oak and oak veneers, it's framed and paneled on three sides and completely finished on the inside with oak veneers for complete warmth and elegance. It's built with 16 drawers, ample shelving, cubbies and hanging areas.  Customize hardware to your taste.

132 " Custom Structural Closet System

SKU: FCFM132x16
    • This unit as pictured fits a 132” closet area. The depth of the unit is 16”.

    • 1st Section: 2- 30” shelves and 1 hanging rod.

    • 2nd Section: 2- 30” shelves, 1 hanging rod and 3- 8” deep drawers.

    • 3rd Section: 5-30” shelves.

    • 4th Section 2-30” shelves, 2 hanging rods.

  • We use 3/4" thick furniture grade TFL panels to construct our products. This high-quality material is kiln dried to prevent warping and ensure a smooth flat surface. TFL has excellent moisture resistance, which prevents cracking or buckling during installation, and is naturally sound resistant.

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