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Imagine a closet with more room to hang clothes and store accessories, drawers for folded items, shelves for off-season apparel, and even more storage solutions. Our 250" Full Room Closet system offers ample hanging space to house all of your clothes and accessories, as well as drawers and shelves to stow them away neatly. Think of it as a whole room designed around your clothing. Ten color choices and six finishes will let you design a wardrobe that matches your style and décor. Add additional pieces and options, including our custom-made partitions, to fully customize your closet system.

250" Full Room Closet System

    • This unit as pictured fits a 25” closet area. The depth of the unit is 23.5”.
    • 1st Section: 9- 40” shoe shelves, 1 drawer and double upper doors.
    • 2nd Section: 36” makeup area with shelves and 1-5” deep drawer.
    • 3rd & 4th Section: 45” wardrobe cabinets with and 3- 9” deep drawers, 1 hanging rod and 1 upper shelving area.
    • 5th Section: double 42” hanging with shelves and upper doors.
    • 6th Section: doulble, 42” shelves, 1 hanging rod, upper doors and double lower pullout laundry hampers.
    • 7th Section: double 42” hanging with shelves, double accessory drawers and upper doors.
    • 8th Section: 41” wardrobe cabinet with 1- 9” deep drawers, 1 hanging rod and 1 upper shelving area.
    • 9th Section: double 32” hanging with shelves, 1 accessory drawer and upper doors.
    • 10th Section: 41” desk area with shelves and 2-5” deep drawer.
    • 11th Section: 9- 32” shoe shelves, 1 drawer and double upper doors.
  • We use 3/4" thick furniture grade TFL panels to construct our products. This high-quality material is kiln dried to prevent warping and ensure a smooth flat surface. TFL has excellent moisture resistance, which prevents cracking or buckling during installation, and is naturally sound resistant.

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