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Monochromatic Bedroom Design Inspirations

Are you looking for a bold and eye catching way to design your bedroom? Well then the monochromatic bedroom might just be the design for you!

Not sure what Monochromatic means? Well it is pretty simple, essentially it means, one color. Therefore, a monochromatic room would have variables of the same color throughout it.

Here are some tips and tricks to achieving the perfect monochromatic bedroom!

# 1 Set the Tone Color and tone (or mood) go hand in hand. If you ever research color psychology you will see that the colors you surround yourself with can definitely effect your mood. Lets take the color gray for example. Gray is said to be formal, neutral, and quiet whereas green represents safety, harmony, and balance. If you are looking for bold and dramatic, go for a dark gray or even black color scheme. If your goal is for a more calming room, we suggest going with more light neutrals like beige or taupe.

# 2 Add Some Texture

Now that you have chosen the mood and color of your bedroom you may want to prevent it form starting to look too "boring". You can achieve this by trying to add some different textures. Adding texture will give your bedroom that added depth that it was lacking.

Try adding a shag rug or even a beautiful woven basket to bring in some added character. You could even do something as simple as adding textured linens or decorative throw pillows.

# 3 Add Shiny Accents

Many interior designers believe that adding touches of metallic or brass can make even the most dull rooms look glamorous. Most monochrome rooms can begin to look dull and lifeless without the right accent pieces.

Try finding a beautiful brass lamp or a charming metallic framed mirror to bring life to your bedroom.

Whether your goal is to make a BOLD statement or a subtle change, these tips should help you in creating that beautiful monochromatic bedroom of your dreams!

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